Top Five Largest Religions in the World

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When it comes to questions about the largest religions in the world, many people have different answers. There are those who say that Christianity is the largest religion in the world because of the number of Christians who practice their faith in more than one country. Then there are those who point out that Islam is the largest religion in the world, and they also practice Islam in multiple countries. These two religions don’t even share the same beliefs when it comes to their founder.

Largest Religions in the World

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  • Buddhism is a Chinese religion founded in India over a period of over 2,000 years ago. Although it has had some bad press over the years because of the violent behavior of its leaders, it still enjoys a strong following in many parts of the world. Buddhism likes to compare itself to Confucianism, which is another ancient Asian religious tradition. Both share much in common with Hinduism, which was founded in India and became popular in China. Some people even believe that Hinduism and Buddhism were created the same way.
  • Islam is the largest religion in the world by number of followers. It was introduced by Islam immigrants to the Middle East centuries ago. The religion started as an Arabic word, but is now known commonly as Islam. Many people refer to Islam as a religion, but it is more of an organized set of principles that guide their everyday life. While its practitioners have spread the faith to a billion people, it is a very conservative religion, especially to women.
  • Hindus are also extremely popular in India, especially in the eastern part of the country. There are millions of Hindus and Buddhists living in China. Both of these religions started in India, but their practices have diverged since then. While the south and west are predominantly Muslim, the north has mainly Hindu population. The northern states of India like Rajasthan have a large Muslim population.
  • The third largest religion in the world is Judaism. Like Islam, it was introduced by Islamic immigrants to the Middle East centuries ago. However, unlike Islam, there is much less unity between the branches of this religion. This is because the followers of Abrahamic religions believe in many afterlife levels. They also believe in Hell and Heaven, which separates the good from the evil. The Jews believe that there is a difference between the Good realm and the evil one, so they don’t have much belief in Heaven or Hell.
  • Christianity is the largest religion in America, with a little over a billion followers. It also has the largest number of churches in the world, making it the largest Christian denomination after Islam and Judaism. Apart from being a denomination, the followers of this religion have various ways of worship. The most important religion for the Jews is Chabad, a form of Orthodox Judaism. The other main branch of Orthodox Judaism is Hasidism, which consists mainly of followers of Drachm, who are considered heretics by the Jewish rabbis.

In India, the largest religions in the country are Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. All three of these are the dominant religions in India, as well as a number of smaller sects such as Sikhism, Buddhism and Christian religions. Unlike Pakistan and Afghanistan, which have large Muslim populations, India has very little concentration of Muslims, outside of the big cities.

End Note

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Christianity is the most powerful religion in the world, because of the huge number of followers it has. Millions of people around the world are Christian, making this a significant worldwide organisation. Catholicism is the biggest religion in Africa, with about 5.5% of the continent’s total population. It also has the largest number of followers in Asia. Hinduism, Islam and Judaism make up the largest religions in Asia and the Americas respectively.

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