Top Indian Marriage Culture Facts That You Might Find Fascinating

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The land of mesmerizing architecture and breathtaking art forms comes up with beautiful marriage rituals with their diversified cultural heritage. Since India is the land of diversification, hence each of the states comes with its specific marriage rituals. There is even diversification based on caste and language too. However, we are here to learn the basics that surround Indian marriage culture. Let us begin with-

Hindu Wedding Rituals That You Need To Know-

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From every prospect, Hindu marriage ceremonies are colorful and vibrant with flowers, a traditional art form, music, celebrations, and more. Further, a Hindu marriage ritual from every possible angle encourages the union of two souls. These rituals do not limit themselves to the union of the groom and the bride. It is also a celebration of family and friends who loves the couple from their heart.

Facts That Surround The Indian Marriage Culture: 

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What To Wear-

It totally depends on the guest what to wear. Commonly, we find people wearing the traditional garment matching that of the groom and the bride. However, it totally depends on the comfort quotient. Since the Indian marriage ceremony is a long-run event, hence wearing what suits the occasion and the timeline should be taken into consideration. 

Now for the traditional wear, it is basically the red for the bride and the subtle white/yellow shade for the groom. As per the guest, any colors including black would do no offense. They can go for saree, salwar kameez, and lehenga choli for female wear. And for the male dress guide, one can go for Punjabi kurta, sherwani, dhoti, and kurta too. 

Which Date To Choose

Since India belongs to that orthodox section of lifestyle, hence selecting the date as per astrology is believed to be auspicious. Following that date, every event such as sangeet, mehndi, and other interesting rituals takes place in one venue that connects both the bride’s and the groom’s family. The wedding begins with the Ganesha mantra, paying homage to the God of wisdom. After the wedding, the newly married husband and wife are customed to shower rice on each other.

More On The Indian Marriage Culture

  • Everyone from the family is given the duty to perform at Sangeet. This is a fun-filled event that is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.
  • Henna is applied both on the bride’s hand and the groom to adore their wedding ceremony.
  • The groom comes to take the bride from the bride’s home, well, it’s altogether a celebration. 
  • The wedding rituals follow the bride’s father giving her away. 
  • The couple gives and takes garlands during jaimala.
  • The bride during the ritual is adorned with a necklace called ‘Magalsutra’
  • To signify the married ritual, the bride wears vermillion.

In Wrapping Up

Well, this is in brief and in general that Indian marriage culture follows. As previously stated, each state of the nation goes by a different set of marriage ceremonies. Hence, this is something that almost all religions in India abide by. However, there might be some slight differences with the mentioned rules. Still, these are some mesmerizing cultural traditions that are going on for ages now.

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