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Tibet holds a special place in India’s heart as “the roof of the world” is having so many places that strengthen Hinduism beliefs. Tibet has the mount Kailash where the supreme Lord Shiva resides. Tibet is also known for its amazing lakes, but one lake that lord Brahmas’ created in his mind in which we can change the eternal life we call it the great lake Mansarovar. These two reasons are also really enough for every Indian to travel here once in a lifetime. Tibet is like a second home. It is a place like no other. Tibet is the home of the Himalayas with amazing climate conditions. Having a distinct culture and a worth to tell kind of history it shares, Tibet contains the true beliefs of Buddhism that is widely spread out all over the Tibet region. Let’s explore some of what we can do in the amazing Tibet.

Yushu Horse Racing Festival

A statue of a mountain

Yushu horse racing festivals are the third utmost fun festival in Yushu of Qinghai territory. This festival includes horse races, yak races, pulls of war. It starts from July time and goes on for one month long. It also includes the Tibetan outfit convention. People come with their family and enjoy.


A castle like building with a mountain in the background

Camping is one of the best things we can experience. Kusum is known as the heartland to the areas worth roam. It would be one of a kind chance to explore the Tibetan lifestyle and share time with their local communities and get to know more about their culture.

Yak Ride

Visit Tibet and don’t take a yak ride, not fare. Explore the immense mountain range in hordes of hues. Yak rides are extreme fun, see the mountain range and capture the beautiful atmosphere on camera.


Under the beautiful shadow of the Himalayas, Tibet has always been strange for trekking. Nut not anymore, climb the good great mountain towering and wander around the beautiful heavy lakes. It can be a life-changing experience that makes us see the world on another level.

Shoton Festival

Shoton Festival is held on the decided month as per the Tibetan book. It is the most mainstream festival celebrated for the minister in their last viewing by singing, emotional drama shot on festival that praises while eating yogurt. So it can be great fun to see all these.

Meditation Cave

Tibet is a place of peace and freshness, which leads us to a deep path of meditation. We should do the historical meditation cave tour of Tibet. It makes us see the world in a very different way. It is located in Lhasa(the capital city) and meditates a little amidst the peaceful and beyond beauty surrounding of Tibet plateau.


Tibet’s journey does not end here. There are end numbers of places that directly connect to our peace. Tibet holiday is worth one to take. Some places and things we mention, select one of these, take a break from reality, and visit Tibet’s eternal beauty.

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