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The Indian Embassy in New York has recently started a new tradition of welcoming students from Pakistan and Afghanistan on the first Friday of the Month. The move is being viewed with some alarm by India’s own diaspora in the United States, who fear it may be used as a front in some terrorist activities aimed at disrupting peace in South Asia. Some even suggest that the Indian Embassy is moving away from its proclaimed goal of promoting civil interaction and is drifting further towards hard-line diplomatic operations. While such fears are understandable, the new policy does not go far enough to justify such fears. In fact, the Indian Embassy has been remarkably consistent in its message so far and it is worth looking at what that policy really means.

Visa application and its requirements  

Starting on November first, the Indian Embassy in New York will be hosting an event to celebrate visa approvals for citizens of all seven South Asian countries. Students from these countries will be permitted to live and study in New York City proper, but will not be able to apply for American visas without the necessary certifications. Applicants will need to present their qualifications with a valid ITP (iensetimes visa certification) or DS Visa (domestic study visa). These certifications are easily obtainable from the nearest embassy or consulate of your choosing and can be mailed or emailed to the relevant authorities.

The decision to allow the Indian student community visa access to American soil was carried out in spite of strenuous efforts by New York’srenditionalist government to prevent the move. On the face of it, this appears to be a minor kerfuffle. On examination, however, there is a much deeper story hidden behind the issue. That is the whole history of the India visa regime, which has been promoted as a model of economic liberalization in South Asia, but which is actually being used as a weapon against ordinary Indians who have simply done their job by taking up jobs in America without bothering about obtaining an Indian passport.

The decision to allow Indians to work and study in the USA without obtaining an Indian passport is nothing new, but the process has become much more sophisticated owing to the presence of the US government officials who have not adhered to the practice traditionally followed in the past. Earlier, all the procedures related to applying for a tourist visa were completed by contacting the Indian Embassy.

Indian Embassy and its Services 

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Now the entire procedure has been changed, with the help of the Electronic Foreign Language Enhancement (EFL) visa website which is operated on behalf of the State Department. The website provides detailed information regarding visa requirements for Indian citizens, besides collecting useful data on different topics such as immigration and tourism.

Almost all the information on the website is authentic and is provided in English. By providing details about your work history and financial earnings, you can get your visa approved within days, even hours. If you are worried about getting a visa on arrival, no need to worry anymore. You can also apply for an EFL or an F visa online through the website. Once you submit all the required documents, the system will inform the Indian Embassy and you will receive a confirmation about your approval to enter the United States.

The Indian Embassy in New York has been providing consular services to the people of this country since the nineteen seventies. Consular services are available for those people who are unable to visit India due to some valid reasons. In this regard, the Indian consulate general in New York is able to assist you by processing your visa. However, in case of emergency, the San Francisco consulate is the right destination. The San Francisco consulate general provides all kinds of assistance to the citizens of the United States including support to reach their destinations, advice on local culture and customs, obtaining a copy of your travel documents, and many more.

In recent years, the number of tourists visiting India has increased tremendously. The number of American tourists has increased proportionately. However, at times you may find it difficult to get an American visa due to the shortage of documentation. However, there is nothing to worry about as the Indian embassy in New York is there to help you. If you have a valid visa and wish to visit India, then you can directly approach the Indian consulate general in New York and obtain a visa.

The main work of the Indian embassy in New York is to process the visa and passport renewal applications of Indian citizens. However, if your stay in India is for business purposes then you can approach the Indian embassy for applying the necessary visa details. The main purpose of approaching the Indian embassy is to obtain a new passport that can be used to visit India regularly.

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