West Indian Culture and Holidays

west indian culture

The West Indian Culture has become one of the most vibrant cultures of India. West Indian Culture reflects the richness of India’s history, art, dance and lifestyle.

India Is A Land Of Rich Diversity

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It is a multicultural country, which consists of people from various regions. There is a wide range of differences in religion and culture between the various states in India. Different communities have their own traits, characteristics and quirks that make them unique. A person who lives in India can be of any of these following:


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The Bengali is a state in South India which is located on the west coast of India. The culture of this state is deeply rooted in the Bangla language which is related to the Bengali. They are known for their fair complexion and their dark hair which are often braided. They used to wear Dhoti and also the pants and apparels of that. The women are known for their long silk choli.


This is another state in South India which is located in the west coast. The Gujjaris or the Gujarati are known for their fair skin, dark eyes and curly hair. They are very religious people and are very humble. They strictly adhere to the code of behavior and are strictly prohibited from practicing any acts of violence. This culture is characterized by a distinct and strong sense of honor.


The Marathi is another state which is situated in the south. It is a culture which is characterized by its love of music, spirituality, and food. The Marathi is highly respected by the students as well as the professionals. This is because it is a culture that is known for its creative thinking and innovation. The Marathi does not accept innovations; instead it respects and guarantees the superiority of the intellect.

There are several other types of cultures which are currently thriving in the west. There are several different religions and sects. These cultures believe differently. They have different beliefs, aspirations and ways of life. But all these are still bound together and form a culture that is known as the west Indian culture.

As a matter of fact, there are more than twenty million people living in the state of Gujarat. The cities of Gujarat have been witnesses of great cultural influence from both the east and the west. There are many hotels and restaurants that serve West Indian food. The cuisine of Gujarat is known for its exotic tastes. Some of the popular dishes include Barfi, Chapatis, Halwa and Rolls.

Visit The Websites Of Travel Agents

In order to know about the different cultures of the west, you need to visit the websites of travel agents. They will be able to help you understand your expectations and desires as far as a destination is concerned. You will also come across a lot of information related to the west Indian culture. There are many things that should not be missed out on a trip to the state of Gujarat. So plan your trip and enjoy the benefits of the cultural heritage of India.

Last Words

There are many things which you can do in order to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the state. These are meant to maintain the cultural balance and harmony between the Hindu and Muslim communities. You should never plan to mix the cultures in any manner whatsoever. This is a big no-no.

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