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What Are the Similarities Between Indian Cuisine and the Western Culture

indian culture vs western culture

Indian culture vs Western culture: What are the similarities and differences? The question may be hovering around your mind if you are planning a trip to India. Well, this is what can be said about both the countries. Both the cultures are different from each other in many ways, but there are similarities too.

Mixture Of Diversities

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Indian culture is basically a mixture of diversities in cultural practices, rituals, customs, language, etc, which vary from place to place in the country. As compared to the West, the customs and language are more of a combination. Therefore, it is also one of the older and a perfect combination of different cultures. However, Western civilization, on the contrary, is very much advanced and progressive. In India, on the contrary, you will find that the western influences have been less on the society.

Similarities Between Indian Culture Vs Western Cult

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However, when we talk about the similarities between Indian culture vs western culture, the most significant similarities can be seen in the food. Both the countries prepare their food according to their regional heritage. For instance, in India you will find the North Indian cuisine (Rural and Hindi foods) and the South Indian food (Bengali and Telugu foods). In the case of the West, you will find the continental food, hamburgers and potato chips and you also have coffee and tea.

Another thing that can be said about these two cultures is the dress code. Indian women are modest as compared to the western women. They wear sari for their day-to-day life and they wear a salwar-kurta for marriage. The western women on the other hand are more adventurous and show more skin. You will find almost no woman in the Indian society without a bikini.


The next thing we need to discuss between India and west is the language. Both of these cultures speak their local languages and the native tongue of each of these countries is different from the other. If you want to read any sort of book in either of these countries, then it will be difficult for you. However, the advantage of speaking the local language is that you get to learn about your country better. Also, if you are a person who does not speak any languages, then you will not feel bored at the same time reading books in English or any other language.

Yet another thing that is similar between the two cultures is the kind of service offered to the guests. The western countries serve food items and drinks which are really tasty. They also provide with really good hospitality and this shows that their service has a special charm and makes the guest feel special. There are many other things like the western countries do not bother the people at the airport as compared to the india. The security and care provided by the security forces in the india is much better than that of the western countries.


There are many more things like the profession of each of the countries, the level of education and other such things. But, I will not bother you with these as this is for your own knowledge and information. So, always keep this topic in your mind and use it while thinking about what are the differences between the Indian culture and the Western culture. Now, you know what are the similarities between Indian cuisine and that there are many more things like the spiritualism, spirituality, and the folk beliefs and faiths in India.

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