Why Is Indian Pop Music So Popular

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The Indian pop culture has had such a huge impact on the world at large and this continues to be so. The reason for this is that in the last few decades India has opened up greatly to the outside world and Indian films, pop music, dance styles have been emulated around the world with great success. However, one thing that stands out more than any other aspect of the Indian pop culture is its tremendous social diversity that exists across different regions in India.

Pop artists from India have taken their influence from the world of pop culture to such an extent that their music has influenced American pop and rock music. At the same time, many Indian people have incorporated pop into their own dances as well as into their lives. As a result there are now many and Hatha rap songs that have become hugely popular in the west as well as in India.

Indian Pop Stars Are Promoting Their Careers

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This pop culture that is seen today in India began during the time of the British. When the British ruled India, they encouraged the creation of bhangra dance, jhumra and pakhawaj which are still widely popular to this day. These forms of dance were hugely popular among the lower class Indians and soon they began to move into the forefront in sync with the masses. After independence, these tribes began to demand a place in the emerging democratic government that was being formed. As a result, the government encouraged unity among the different states by granting them quotas in education, government jobs and even in casting the winning votes in national elections.

Indian pop stars have also adopted pop as a way of promoting their careers and of making more money. As the pop stars began to succeed and their records began to sell, they saw this as a way to improve their image and to ensure that they could make more records. They also saw that by adopting this new marketing method they would be able to increase their profits substantially and thereby increase their bank accounts. In the eighties, the industry became so big that even multinational companies got involved in it. Today, Bollywood movies are known all over the world and millions of Indians go to see their favorite stars in action.

Some Things To Know

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Another reason for the popularity of Indian pop culture is that this kind of music is easily available on the internet. You can watch videos on websites all over the world about this art form. Also you can buy CDs of this pop music all over the country and export it to other countries like the United States and Australia. There are many pop clubs in cities all over India where people gather to listen and participate in this unique form of music. Another interesting aspect of this form of pop culture is that you can now see Indian pop stars performing on global pop shows on television like” Conan O’Brien” and” Larry King Live”.

There is one more reason why Indians are fascinated by pop culture and this is because they wish to express themselves culturally. Indians have always been very conscious of their appearance and cultural values and they love to make their cultures known to the rest of the world. In fact, one of the major reasons for the popularity of Hindustani music is that it is a form of expressing traditional Indian values and beliefs through music.

The Hindustani dance forms are considered as very expressive and they reflect the unique culture of the people of the state. For example, Dhamal is very popular in India and it is an all time favorite with women. It expresses feminine qualities like loyalty, love and faithfulness. Similarly, Bhangra is another extremely popular form of pop music that is believed to be originated from the southern part of India. Its basic melody is a simple one but the dance style and its intricate dance steps are so fascinating.

Bottom Line

Now you can see how popular Indian pop culture has become worldwide. It continues to grow in popularity and is well on its way to take India’s place among other world famous cultures. However, you need to keep in mind that most pop-culture products are imported and produced in countries like the US, United Kingdom and Australia. Therefore, India has to export more artists who are able to master their craft and come up with a hit product that will eventually make them famous! So watch out!

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