Why is North Sentinel Island Off Limits

north sentinel island

Why is the North Sentinel Island off-limits, you ask? Well, because there are people who live on it who have no wish to be “contacted” by any other civilization. The simple answer would be that the only people who should visit North Sentinel Island are anthropologists and scientists. But it’s not that simple.

Here are some reasons why people shouldn’t visit North Sentinel Island.

1. The People Who Live There PROHIBIT Others From Visiting Them!

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About the size of Manhattan (if you don’t know what this is, look it up), the island has a population of only about 100. This may sound like a lot for such a small landmass, but keep in mind that those 100 individuals do not wish to be found by other civilizations.

How do we know this? Well, because if anyone were to come close enough to the island for them to see them, they would be met with either arrows or spears thrown at them. There are no exceptions given. You do not gain access to their land without being attacked.

2. They Have Dangerous Arrows

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The natives on the North Sentinel Island use weapons that could kill you. If you were to go there, be prepared for this. If they see you coming close enough to their island to invade it, they will attempt to pelt you with these arrows or spears. Most of them are tipped with metal which can cause infection, which can kill you.

3. Their Population is Dangerously Low

The only reason the North Sentinel Island isn’t immediately invaded by other civilizations is that they don’t know how to deal with its inhabitants properly. For example, if a helicopter flies over their island a few feet off the ground to look at them, they will immediately attack the helicopter, sending it crashing to the ground.

4. They’ve Had Only Limited Contact With “Outsiders”

One of the few times that outsiders have seen these people is in the 1970s when they captured and killed fishermen. The island was visited by helicopters with gifts and stuff like that to try and make peace with them (and it did work). That’s all the exposure we have had to them so far- which isn’t much at all!

5. They Could Be The Most Isolated People in The World

As stated before, 100 individuals currently live on this island. The last time they voluntarily came out of their isolated life to visit anyone else was when a neighboring Indian family dropped dead from food poisoning (long story). We have no idea how their culture works and what we’re dealing with here.

6. The Island SHOULD Be Off-limits

We don’t know what they think of their own culture, but we know one thing for sure, they are not happy with the presence of strangers. So, keeping them isolated is what’s best to do with them right now.

Last Words

North Sentinel Island should remain off-limits for tourism unless there is another, better solution. If anthropologists are allowed to study them without the threat of being killed by their arrows (and it does happen!), they would learn what makes these people tick and maybe help them out in turn.

Allowing outsiders access to an island like this poses many dangers to both people on the island and the people out there.

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