Why Visit Bengal


Bengal is a place where you can visit the Himalayas and The Ganges in one trip. Home to some of the holiest places, such as Varanasi, Bengal will charm any traveler. Named after Banga (Bôngo-land), the first inhabitants of the region today known as Bengal were Austroasiatic speakers.

Some historians believe that ancient tribes such as the Marathas, Scythians, and the Nagas developed their civilization in this region. The first historical records of Bengal can be as early as 528 BCE when Buddhists monks established their religion in the area.

Here are some reasons why you should visit Bengal.

1. Delicious Cuisine

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Bengal is known for its mouth-watering cuisine that you will enjoy from the moment you arrive in Bengal until the moment you leave. From fast-food joints serving traditional Bengali street food to five-star restaurants making Mughlai dishes, there is something for everyone in Bengal.

2. Rich Culture

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Bengal is home to numerous tribes, religions, and cultures that have contributed their unique flavors to the nation’s rich culture. From traditional saris to beautifully decorated temples, you will find everything here!

3. Festivals Galore

From colorful festivals like Durga Puja, Kali Puja, and Rath Yatra to the more recent Kolkata Carnival, there is always something going on in Bengal! You may also take part in the Ganga Sagar Festival or attend one of the many musical programs within Kolkata!

4. History Unfolding

Bengal has a rich history dating back thousands of years and you can still see some parts of it today. From ancient temples and forts to museums containing rare artifacts that may even date back hundreds of thousands of years, you will find yourself whirling through time!

5. A Great Place to Shop

Bengals are well-known for their big hearts for shopping which makes it the best place to shop! From traditional clothing shops to huge malls with international brands, there is something here for everyone! You can even bargain to get your favorite for a lesser price!

6. Make a Change

Bengal is the fashion capital of India where you can get any fashions or clothing you want here. You will find people dressed in the latest fashion trends walking along the streets, shopping malls, and even at work!

7. Ancient Religions

Bengal is one of the most ancient places where different religions have been practiced for ages. You can visit the remains of ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples to experience what people used to believe in! There are also mosques, churches, and gurudwaras in this region, making it a great place for religious tourism!

8. Natures Gifts

Bengals are known for their love for nature, and they do everything to protect it. There are many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Bengal where you can see some of the most amazing animals on earth!

From tigers, elephants, rhinos, and crocodiles, there is no limit to what you will find here!

9. An Exciting Destination for Everyone

Bengals are almost half of the population under the age of 25! It makes it an exciting place for everyone who wants to have fun and no dull moments. The metropolitan city of Kolkata is not only well-known for its music, dance, and theater but also famous for its vibrant nightlife which will keep you dancing all night long!

10. The Ideal Indian Destination

Bengals are known for their hospitality and helpful nature! They will go out of the way to make you feel like a king and make sure that your trip is one to remember! You can visit any part of this country, and they will be ready to help you at every step whether it’s booking a hotel or a train ticket!

Bengal will surely be an ideal destination for any tourist who wants to explore their own country or have a great time! So what are you waiting for now? Get your bags packed and book your ticket to Bengal right away!

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